Ecopista do Dão by bike


Bike the 50 Km’s from the Ecopista do Dão using the old train line between Viseu and Santa Comba Dão. Pick up the bikes and the helmet in the old train station in Viseu and start this awesome adventure crossing 3 different municipalities. On the way you will experience the best landscapes, you will cross bridges and tunnels. At your own speed, you can stop to take the pictures that you want. At the end, we bring you back to Viseu with our own trasportation.

Physical Difficulty
Technical Difficulty

From: 40,00 

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Family Bike Adventure

The Ecopista do Dão offers you a great opportunity to share this moment with your friends and family. You will cycle one of the oldest train lines from Portugal. Of course, now there is no trains on this line! If you are looking for easy and fun experience, this is the right adventure for you. At the end, we bring you back to the starting point.

Accessible for everyone

If you, your family and friends like to cycle, this is the right activity for you.

Awesome landscapes

Can you imagine using the same line as the train? To cross bridges and tunnels? It is almost time travel!

At your pace

We want you to enjoy this adventure. Take your time and pictures!


Duration: between 4 and 5 hours | Meeting at the old train station | Briefing | Start biking (around 4 hours) | Return to Viseu


+351 965 044 202

For everyone that are confortable to bike.
Know how to ride bike and to have a active life style.
Bikes, helmets, insurance, and transportation back to the meeting point.
Sport clothes, water and confortable shoes