Canyoning Vessadas River


Spend a fabulous day in an idyllic environment. Play in waterfalls and lagoons off clear water and at the same time get the bases for exploring other sections of canyoning.

A section of river that brings together great scenic beauty, possibility of jumping into water, slides and easy waterfalls.

It is an idyllic setting which allows a starter to canyoning and provides moments of great pleasure and fun.

It is the ideal place to start in river canyoning.

In the end, for those who are more adventurous, we have a surprise.

Physical Difficulty
Technical Difficulty

From: 75,00 

+351 965 044 202

Canyoning for all

We recommend this Canyoning for anyone looking for a first contact with this sport. It’s accessible and fun for everyone.

Waterfalls with various levels

An ideal canyoning for those who want to start! There are challenges for everyone

Stunning scenery

The river tore through the mountain creating scenarios of incredible beauty.

Strong emotions

Despite being an initiation canyoning, in the end we have a surprise for the bravest.


Meeting in Manhouce | Equipment distribution | Briefing and equipping | Walk to the river (5 minutes) | Beginning of the descent (About 4 hours) | Return


+351 965 044 202

Anyone with an average physical condition.
Average physical condition. Swimming ability.
Canyoning Equipment. Professional guides. Free drink and snack after the trip. Free Pick up from our base or Hotel/Hostel on Lafões region. Changing at our base in Vouzela. Insurance. ​
Bathing suits. Towel. Sunscreen for face.