Canyoning Frades River


One of the wildest rivers in Portugal.

Successive waterfalls, turquoise lagoons, jumps to the water,  fantastic landscape and much adventure is what awaits you.

Only way to reach the river, it is fantastic.

Physical Difficulty
Technical Difficulty

From: 80,00 

Canyoning in Arouca

After trekking in one of the most famous hiking trails in Portugal, we arrive the beggining of the canyoning. It is time to explore the waterfalls and have fun!

Cristal clear waters

Magic Mountains of Portugal

Jump to the Water


Encontro com os seus guias Arouca | Viagem para Rio de Frades (30 minutos) | Equipar | Marcha de aproximação (30 a 40 minutos) | Briefing técnico | Início do Canyoning | Lanche no final | Regresso a Arouca


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Anyone with an average physical condition.
Average physical condition. Swimming ability.
Canyoning Equipment. Professional guides. Free drink and snack after the trip. Free Pick up from our base or Hotel/Hostel on Lafões region. Changing at our base in Vouzela. Insurance.
Towel, bathing suit and sunscreen for face